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A week without therapy

It’s a strange week, between Christmas and New Year. According to the ‘British Logic’ Twitter feed, or ‘British Problems’ Facebook page, it seems that most of the country is living off a diet of mince pies and leftover turkey with chocolate and prosecco for breakfast whilst contemplating joining the gym or going for a walk,… Continue reading A week without therapy

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Retreating from the noise of anorexia at christmas

Daily Prompt: Retreat Christmas is a stressful time when you have an eating disorder.  Food is everywhere, and not just at meal times.  There is a never ending supply of indulgent food sitting on the table, tormenting you. “Come, eat me,” the cake whispers as you gaze at it longingly. “I can’t.” My brain answers for… Continue reading Retreating from the noise of anorexia at christmas