Living with anorexia

Why I wear a Medic-Alert bracelet

I have only ever seen a few people wearing Medic-Alert jewellery, usually those with diabetes, epilepsy or severe allergies.  I have none of those conditions, and yet recently I have begun to wear a Medic-Alert bracelet. Why? Well, since you ask… I have a dangerously low BMI.  I also spend a lot of time alone.  As a… Continue reading Why I wear a Medic-Alert bracelet

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Just let me sleep!

I hardly have any energy today – not for the usual reasons of starvation and sleep deprivation, but because my psychiatrist prescribed me some anti-psychotic medication earlier this week.  The idea is to reduce my anxiety so that I can get some sleep, and stay well enough to avoid an admission to an inpatient unit.  They… Continue reading Just let me sleep!