Chicken Risotto is a blog documenting my struggle with adult anorexia.  It is largely the unedited ramblings of my anorexia riddled mind.  Unlike many anorexia sufferers I did not develop the illness until adulthood – I was 23.  A lot of online information about anorexia focuses on teenagers.  Chicken Risotto Blog documents the experiences of an adult; negotiating money, jobs, rent and the like.

This blog is not pro-anorexia and does not intend to be triggering.  However, it is an honest portrayal of life with anorexia.  There will be no values of specific weights, BMIs or calories, but these things will be mentioned.  Posts will be tagged ‘trigger’ accordingly.

Please do get in contact, follow my blog and comment on posts.  I would love to hear your thoughts, opinions and experiences.

I loved cooking.  I loved herbs and spices.  Finding a recipe.  Tweaking it to my tastes.  Buying the ingredients.  Baking, frying, boiling, grilling.  The kitchen filling with the aromas of spices.  Serving myself a steaming hot meal.  Full of flavour and nutrition.  Sitting, enjoying and savouring every mouthful.

And then I got ill.

I stopped cooking.  I ate less.  And less.  Every day I ate the same food.  Day in.  Day out.  Day in.  Day out.

I ended up in an eating disorder unit.

This is my journey back.

Yesterday I was discharged from an eating disorder unit.  Today I am cooking chicken risotto.