Living with anorexia

Why I wear a Medic-Alert bracelet

I have only ever seen a few people wearing Medic-Alert jewellery, usually those with diabetes, epilepsy or severe allergies.  I have none of those conditions, and yet recently I have begun to wear a Medic-Alert bracelet.


Well, since you ask…

I have a dangerously low BMI.  I also spend a lot of time alone.  As a result of anorexia I push myself further physically than I should.  I often feel faint.  My muscles are 20170329_123600weak, making me prone to falling.  My blood sugar levels are low.  My heart struggles and my pulse is slow.  I have palpitations.  I get breathless easily.  I take several different medicines.  I have panic attacks.  I have had numerous trips to Accident & Emergency.

And whilst I do know that I shouldn’t be exercising as much as I do, it is unfortunately part of my illness.  But I do want to be as safe as I can be.  It is a comfort to me that round my wrist I have a bracelet that is able to communicate my medical and mental health history and the contact details of my family, should I be unable to do so myself.

I have written about this because I know that many people with mental illnesses can feel (and be) very vulnerable, and this is something that helps me feel safer.


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