Bingeing Accountability

Day 12

I can’t believe I’ve made it to twelve days without binging.  And all that time I have been restricting too.  I feel like anorexia is taking hold of me again, and the sad thing is I’m making no effort to stop it.  I want it back.  I hated the shame of binging every day.  I feel so powerful now I am overriding the urge to binge and starving myself instead.  The only frustration is I don’t seem to be losing weight.  I know I’ve got to be patient, as binging caused me to put on quite a few kilos and I know they won’t just drop off in twelve days but I want to be thin again.

One thought on “Day 12

  1. CR, I know it’s not this glowing being that anorexia unfortunately is in your head, but don’t make it a stranger — the one that says binging and starving yourself are not good for you. Reacquaint yourself with it. Get a (small, tasteful) tattoo that lets you do so every time you look at, or a giant one.

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