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Anorexia and being re-introduced to food

After years of very strict restricting, I am slowly re-introducing myself to food.

Yesterday I went out with my boyfriend and ate a burger and fries, followed by a chocolate brownie sundae!  I am continuing to amaze myself at what I can do.

I feel like I am being re-introduced to the concept of food.  After years of treating food as my enemy and something to be avoided at all costs I am slowly re-learning the joy of food.

This is different to the bingeing I have been struggling with recently.  Even when I am bingeing the food I eat is always the same.  Branching out and trying new food is difficult.  I keep remembering food that I haven’t eaten in a long time, and realising that now I can eat it!  It’s exciting.  Recovery is really tough, and re-learning how to enjoy food is full of challenges, but I know that eventually I will be able to enjoy food again and the struggles will be worth it.  To anyone else fighting the ED battle, keep going!  Each little victory is worth it.

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