Bingeing Accountability · Living with anorexia

Still going well

For the second day in a row I have eaten no more than I planned.  I feel more in control now, the binging urges have calmed.  I have followed my meal plan, I feel good.

This evening I am going out for a burger with my boyfriend.  I am a bit stressed about it, as I’m not sure I feel up to tackling a burger today – I worry it will cause me to lose the control I have only just regained.

But I don’t want to cancel, so I am ploughing on.  Going out for food means that I will eat later than normal, so I have eaten my afternoon snack (which I rarely eat) to keep me going until later.

The burger comes with fries, which scare me, and there is always the option of dessert afterwards.  Part of me wants to allow myself a sweet treat, and part of me worries it will be the start of a binge.  If I eat a huge piece of cheesecake, who knows where I will stop!

But let’s look on the positive – second good day in a row! I have got this!

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