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Still alive

Title says it all really. I am still alive. I am at a new unit being tube fed. They are giving me so few calories it’s scaring me. Less than half what I was managing to eat at the first unit. I’m so scared I am going to die. Anxiety is at an all time high.


7 thoughts on “Still alive

  1. Tube feeding and the various approaches to it seems highly specialized. Ask that they be more transparent about that beyond the calories.

    I’m sorry that’s it’s all so scary. It won’t always be this way, though, ’cause you are indeed still alive and still pretty darn tough.

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  2. I know it is scary, super scary. The reason is that your body is so depleted they have to reintroduce digesting nutrients to your body. It’s hard both physically and emotionally. Years ago they would go with the full amount and discovered that was just way too hard on the heart. It sounds like you are in the care of people who understand and want to approach this is the best way for you, “and” won’t let you die.

    I’ve been going through struggles too, nothing likes yours of course but still hard, so have had a hard time getting on to keep up with everyone. I am so sorry I didn’t see this right away. I hope you are doing a wee bit better by the time you read this.


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