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Another new beginning

After weeks of trying to find me a bed in a unit that can NG feed me, one has finally been found.  On Wednesday I will be admitted for the second time.

The unit is along way from home, I was hoping for somewhere nearer and I will be sad to leave this unit. I have come to like the staff, it is a friendly, laid back unit, but sadly it seems that I need something a bit stricter. I’m nervous about moving, but hopefully it will be the right place for me to recover properly.

I am getting away with too much here, cutting too many corners, telling too many lies. I can’t recover like this. And I really do want to properly recover.

I need my life back.


2 thoughts on “Another new beginning

  1. Further away might actually turn out to be good because you’ll be able to completely focus on your own recovery without having to worry about others, if that makes sense. I hope you can still update. i know some places take cell phones and such. If you drop off the radar, I’ll know that is what happened and you can be assured, many of us will still be here!

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