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Another week has passed

Today marks the start of my seventh week as an inpatient. There are some signs of improvement: my weight has increased a little bit, I am eating a tiny bit more, I am having more good days than before. But overall I haven’t made a lot of progress. I came in to the unit voluntarily, but I have since been sectioned, the team are looking for a bed for me elsewhere so that I can be NG fed. I am permanently exhausted, eating takes so much more energy than it gives me, so I am not able to eat enough to gain the required 0.8kg a week (or gain anything much at all actually).

Yesterday was a good day. I was allowed to sit out in the garden and I did some drawing. On Saturday my family visited and took me out in the wheelchair. I have to use the motivation these good days give me to power through the more difficult days.

I am remaining positive. I will get better. It may take a while and it will take a lot of hard work, but I will get better.


3 thoughts on “Another week has passed

  1. I love this post!! Isn’t it nice to get outside, even if just for a little bit, after being inside for so long? We had a variety of EDs in my program so there were only a few of us vying for the spot by the window for the warmth of the sun.

    The exhaustion that comes with all this is just overwhelming. Even the short mini-relapse I had a few weeks ago left me feeling like I was walking through molasses.

    However long it takes, that is what it will take. My heart and thoughts are with you. (( hugs ))

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