Inpatient · Treatment

No improvement

Things aren’t going well.

I am still not managing to eat everything on my meal plan.

I am not gaining weight.

They are looking to send me to another unit where I can be NG fed.

Tomorrow I am having a mental capacity assessment as they think I need to be sectioned.

I hoped things would be getting better but it seems like I am getting worse.


3 thoughts on “No improvement

  1. Hey. I’m so sorry to hear Things aren’t going well! I’m sending you hugs and thinking of you. If you need a chat just drop me a message. I know just how hard it is. I won’t go into mine but I’m thinking of you xxx


  2. My thoughts are with you. I know I keep repeating myself but maybe it’s worth repeating. Wherever you are on this journey, please, please know you are not alone. You may “feel” alone but you have a community here supporting you. We care, I care.

    Thank you for updating. Sending loads and loads of virtual hugs. ((((( hugs ))))) ((((( hugs )))))


  3. So, so sorry that things haven’t gotten easier (yet). I don’t think you’re getting worse so much as that maintaining a bit more than you would otherwise when malnourished is unsustainable. And that is the mental illness. This is all so very complicated. I figure that what you’re undergoing is indeed a journey, though — a very hard, particular one that is regarded.

    Best wishes to Essex as well.


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