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Another change of plan

After yesterday’s change of plan it was a mad rush to get blood tests and an ECG done so that the results could be sent to the unit that was offering me an emergency bed for today.

The whole day was chaotic, it was my last day at home, and yet I spent much of it sitting in waiting rooms feeling very panicky and uncertain.  My support worker came round in the afternoon, and I got my head around going to this unit, much further from home, but at least not in the city where I used to live.  And then…

We got a phonecall late yesterday afternoon to say that not all the required blood tests had been done.  That means that I can’t go today.  The unit does not admit new patients on Friday, so it will now be Monday before I can go.

So this morning I’m off for yet more blood tests.

The whole situation is stressing me out, I feel very in limbo.  Normally I would not mind too much, but my brain is not really functioning.  Comprehending all this is virtually impossible.  I still don’t have a definite answer as to where I will be going (both units are now options) and when I will be going (it should be Monday or Tuesday, but judging by this week’s chaos – who knows!?)


3 thoughts on “Another change of plan

  1. Where may you be going? Mines tomorrow! But I could push it back one week after assessment for my brothers wedding. But I have to go. I have to be admitted 😦 just a matter of when. Hope your ok!! Thinking of you x


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