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My week of appointments: Friday

This week is Eating Disorders Awareness Week.  The focus this year is on the importance of early intervention and diagnosis.  When I first became unwell, I was fortunate enough to have a GP who immediately referred me to the eating disorder service, and I was able to access treatment very quickly.  To highlight the importance of this I am going to blog each day this week, to show the high intensity support that I am currently recieving from the NHS.

Friday – Blood test

Time for my final appointment of the week.  The quickest one, the least stressful one, my favourite one.

Walking round to the GP surgery first thing in the morning has become part of my Friday rhythm.  A familiar beat that draws my week to a close.

I call in at the pharmacy, collect my prescriptions.  I check in at reception, and book next week’s appointment.  I sit for a few minutes in the waiting room and then I’m called through.

I chat easily with the phlebotomist as she inspects my veins and makes her choice.  I watch as she expertly slips the needle into precisely the right spot, and the blood flows.  The tubes filled, she tapes cotton wool over the tiny puncture mark and I roll down my sleeves and stand up to leave.

“See you next week, have a good weekend!”

It’s done.  It’s over.  I have been looking forward to this moment all week.

The pouring rain makes arriving home so much more satisfying.  The door closes behind me, shutting out the cold, the wet, the whole outside world.  I throw off my coat and jeans, and cocoon myself in the warmth of a hoody and fleecy tracksuit bottoms.  I switch on the TV and settle myself on the sofa, curling up underneath a blanket, and listen to the rain hammering down outside.

I am back in the safety of home.

The whole weekend stretches out ahead of me.

I close my eyes and smile.

I can relax.

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I have an appointment every day this week and will be blogging about each one.  Stay up to date and get notification of my latest posts by following this blog, signing up using your email address or following ChickenRisotto on Twitter (or go wild, do all three!)


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