Time to Talk

ttdblogToday is Time to Talk Day, an initiative by UK mental health charity Time to Change.  The idea is to encourage people to have a simple conversation about mental health, to reduce the stigma and isolation experienced by some people with mental illnesses.

The website has a list of suggestions of small things you can do to spark a conversation about mental health, or help someone who has a mental illness.  The suggestions include texting a friend to ask how they are, talking about something that makes you smile, making someone a cup of tea (we are british after all, we can solve anything with tea!) or telling someone how you feel today.

You don’t have to reveal your deepest secrets or bare your soul, just have an honest conversation.  It got me thinking about the conversations I’ve had about my mental health and the support my friends and family have given me.

I have one friend who I told about my situation, and the next week she came round to my house with a card and a book that she thought I would like.  It meant so much that someone had thought of me and gone to the effort of buying and delivering a book.  I will always remember how positive that made me feel, and I hope one day I will be able to do something similar for someone else who is struggling.

So, in the spirit of conversation, how are you today?

Please leave a comment, let’s support each other!


16 thoughts on “Time to Talk

  1. Hmm, today. Freaked out because of a gain, even though I know it is fluid retention from something I ate yesterday, at least I hope it is. On the other hand, my fear and anxiety grows by the hour before going into program on Monday.

    I’m keeping busy by yarn bombing my patio chairs. I’ll post the process at some point in the next day or two. That and binge watching House on Netflix, lol. I completely identify with him because of his chronic pain, insecurities and extreme aversion to emotional pain.

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      1. I don’t like the new character, the medical student Masters. I was sad when Thirteen left. She must have gotten another job because it was rather sudden. The Masters character seems like an arrogant brat. Oh, that was harsh but she’s so frustrating. I hope she’s gone for season 8.


  2. Late to the day but I am doing fine thank you! And by fine, I mean I am utterly exhausted from a battle with anxiety today, to then feel guilt about being too tired to be any fun around my girlfriend. Then I starting writing and was hit by another bout of self doubt. So much so that I didn’t want to post anything. Other than that – completely fine, yes. How are you?

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    1. Ah, I hope you got a good night’s sleep and feel a bit better today!!
      I’ve had a difficult few days with anxiety too, everything feels very stressful at the moment. I’ve been trying to write but I haven’t got the concentration.

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  3. I have felt quite struggling today, also happy but struggling. It is very hard to stop thinking so much about my fiancés miscarriadge. About the lovely child we could have had.. And just.. Well I can’t write more about now that or I cry for an hour. On the other hand it brought us closer together. Also today we had guests over and we had so much fun. My mother, stepfather and brother. They are lovely and fun people to be with.

    Nice post and I hope your pain will lessen in time and good things replace the pain! 🙂


    1. Perhaps was oversharing here.. How are you today question just compelled me to write about that. You can delete it if needed.


      1. Thank you so much! 🙂 I slept bad last night but reading your response as I woke up gave me the energy to go out and have a walk before my breakfast. 🙂 Going very soon. I am really happy about having this good relationship and family too, thinking about that will give me the energy to make my walk even longer. 🙂 You just made my morning, thus day!

        Ps: No don’t delete it.. 🙂 I was just feeling the worst last night I have felt for many weeks to be honest so I started to overthink and feel I should just crawl under the bed and not bother anyone for a few days so me commenting on someones nice post felt intrusion.


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