Through moping comes inspiration

Dejected and apathetic.  That’s what mope means apparently.

My mum uses the word ‘mope’ a lot.  I remember being told off as a child for ‘just moping around’.

“Go and do something!” My mum would tell me.

Maybe I’ve always been prone to moping.

I certainly do a lot of it at the moment.  Moping is almost a requirement of long term illness.  We seem amazed when people who are ill don’t mope, but remain positive and invigorated by life.  But you know what, I think, if you want to ‘mope around the house’ because life is not going as you planned, take some time and do it.  We expend so much energy trying to convince ourselves and others that things are ok, even when they are not.

I don’t have much energy.  I don’t want to waste what I do have by plastering on fake smiles and laughing artificial laughs.  I’m going to use that energy to feel my true emotions, to experience the troughs of life, to fight my demons…

And by taking that time to experience my lows, I know that when I inspire myself back to the peaks, they will be taller and more colourful than ever I can imagine now.

Through moping comes inspiration.

via Daily Prompt: Mope


2 thoughts on “Through moping comes inspiration

  1. Oh precious one. I’ve read through your blog this morning and am so impressed with your honesty. I’ve never had anorexia but I’ve always thought it closely resembles my addiction on so many levels. Both are such a daily battle to recover from and both can kill.

    I’m rooting for you and praying you find your way out in the most triumphant way. I believe that for you and for us all. Keep writing, keep reaching out, and above all keep trying. Hugs to you ❤️


    1. Thank you! I often think that anorexia and addictions are linked – the thought process of ‘I know this is bad for me, but it feels good so I’ll do it anyway’ seems very similar. Thanks for your kind words, and stay strong in your recovery too! 🙂

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